So today we are tasting food at the Beatrix restaurant and this will be my next critique on Chicago Mules!

My girlfriend tasted this particular mule and said that it has the strongest bite out of any mule she’s tasted so far. I have tasted countless mules already and well, this one is on the dryer flatter side. Beatrix does not serve their Moscow Mule in the traditional copper cup so that is an automatic deduction of one star for me. The copper cup is important and I notice that a lot of restaurants neglect this. The copper cup adds a unique chill to the mule, as well as preserve the taste of all the lime and ginger.

The Beatrix Mule is very naturally served. Classic ingredients with no enhancements or accessories like crushed ice- just a lime, light ice, and the key ingredients. The taste is natural, but strong on the throat from carbonation. I don’t taste the ginger much but I squeezed the lime and this mule takes on a 3.6 star rating after finishing half of it. I like a Mule that I can feel a buzz from by the middle or end of the cup/glass.

The Beatrix Mule possesses great natural flavor giving the mule just enough stars to make it on my “refreshing” list. I recommend it on a sunny afternoon or evening. The cup would have made this mule a 4.6 star mule. The buzz Is delightful and full. So in conclusion. This mule is magnificent with a final 3.6 stars! And one thumbs up. I am satisfied.

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