(about the foundry)

The Metropolitan Mule is a digital publication (blog) dedicated to bringing food & lifestyle aficionados genuine reviews on: lounges, top tier restaurants, and quality cocktails. Spending time in and out of wonderful locations around the Chicagoland area, writers for the Metropolitan Mule bring you a personalized experience that you can rely on for a good time, date nights, or just casual relaxation. We only review restaurants that have made our list as “luxury-compliant.” This doesn’t mean that everything is expensive. This means that everything is exquisite.

DESSIN MOGUL, LLC‘s founder/CEO, Austin Julian Davis, started the Metropolitan Mule as a source of culinary expression, and a tribute to “the Moscow Mule.” The Mogul enjoys the idea of luxury and celebrates abundance by seeking new environments and settings that match his personality.

Austin absolutely loves Moscow Mule Cocktails and sought out a clever way to share his enthusiasm with the world in a helpful way. The Metropolitan Mule was built on a simple idea: experience and review luxury. The range of content published by the Metropolitan Mule is rapidly expanding.

Soon enough, the publication hopes to offer reviews on: Art/ Exhibitions/ Galleries, Fashion, and Stellar Tech. All of the photographs around the website are snapped originally as in-house-photography by the founder of the Metropolitan Mule. Additional authors also take their own photos for their reviews.


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