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Chuck's A Kerry Simon Kitchen Review


My first sip of this mule at initial taste, was typical. However I decided to let the cocktail sit for a moment, allowing the ingredients to more naturally infuse with one another. My next sip was absolutely exquisite! The classic flavor of a traditional Moscow mule cocktail influenced my taste buds with the delight of a refreshing summer beverage.

Right on Michigan Ave., if you’re perceptive, you’ll notice a very swanky glass ornament-of-a-restaurant called: Chuck’s A Kerry Simon Kitchen. You can choose to enter their luxurious ambient atmosphere in-doors, or simply ask to be seated on the patio to enjoy some city-watching right on the Magnificent Mile. The musical selections well suit the up-scale experience. During this visit, I exclusively stopped by to review their Moscow mule cocktail and take-in the ambience of the restaurant.

Chuck's A Kerry Simon Kitchen Review

As my taste buds continued to thank me for the traditional, refreshing flavor party, I quickly discerned that this cocktail was easily a 4.7 out of 5-star mule. I was overjoyed that this visually enticing restaurant did not spare the expense of the copper cup! The Chuck’s Mule on Michigan Ave. was crafted with Tito’s Handmade Vodka and top-of-the-line ginger beer. Mindful attention and care was observed by the mixologist, because the mule never got watered down, instead the Chuck’s Mule kept its traditional flavor for an entire 15 minutes of summer sun! (That’s one of the benefits of serving a mule cocktail in a copper cup; beverages are colder, longer).

Upon my final sips of the cocktail, a very small buzz finally kicked-in. This is definitely a great restaurant to introduce a lovely lady to the Moscow Mule Cocktail because the buzz she’ll receive isn’t as heavy as many other restaurants, but the flavor is remarkable. If the flavor is excellent enough, people tend to order a second mule, and that’s when the buzz can be picked up notch.

Chuck's A Kerry Simon Kitchen Review
A Chuck’s A Kerry Simon Kitchen Review

As I requested the bill, my server, Anthony, politely smiled at me and told me this mule is on the house. This is the FIRST restaurant to extend a gesture of hospitality and gratitude after I explain that I will review the cocktail and my experience on the Metropolitan Mule website.  I think the gesture spoke volumes to the unified integrity of this Kerry Simon Kitchen, and their appreciation of all customers. Workers here truly care about your experience, not just your tip, and setting tables. The Metropolitan Mule will be back to review two dishes for our upcoming Fine Dine Fridays. 

I would like to extend a very special thank you to our host, Carissa, our bartender, Lauren, and our server,  Anthony for their hospitality and making this review one of my favorites!